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Book the hottest rapper in Las Vegas, Traffic. Traffic is now taking Promo dates exclusively through FPA. Traffic was born in Yakima WA. Raised in Seattle WA and Farrell pa. He started rapping just something to do with his boys on the block in P.A. Music has always been apart of his life. Besides being a great rapper traffic is also a great songwriter and producer. Arriving on the Las Vegas scene traffic has become one of Las Vegas great hip hop artist. Watch his latest Street single “Callin’ me” off the “Like 5 o’clock” Mixtape AVAILABLE ON iTUNES. He has recently collaborated with Tyga and Bobby v on the smoking hot new track “Stripper”. Traffic has also been peforming a lot of big shows in the Las Vegas & Lake Tahoe area with NELLY , 3-6 Mafia at Hard Rock Casino and Too Short. Check out Traffic’s upcoming 2012 show schedule on his website

Exclusive 2012 Interview with Traffic!

Why do you call yourself Traffic ?

Cause I’m always in Traffic, big moves, how did you get the name ? a call I was talking to was talking to from AZ, said everytime I walk to you, your always in Traffic so it kinda stuff from there

What inspired you to start rapping ?

I was bored, standing on the corner battle rapping with my boys

Who is your favorite artists & why ?

Im a Jay-Z fan, I like him cause he came from nothing, from the bottom to the top and of course that TRAFFIC CD ! I bump my own stuff, so I can critique it and come up with new ideas and concepts for songs

What is your favorite song you have out & why?

RAIN DROPS, cause it’s a real song, from the heart. Listen to Traffic - Rain Drops

How did you hook up with Tyga & make the song STRIPPER ? tell us about that & your connection to Tyga & Young Money

my best friend is boys with Tyga and he hooked it up, so he made the call, then we made the call to Bobby V. to get him on the hook.

What are Traffic’s plans for the Music business & what are your hobbies ?

just keep making this new hits & go as far as the sky will take me & keep F—-g all these groupies !! haha

my hobbies are smoking that good Purp, snowboarding, traveling parting, parting, getting THROWED !!!!

check me out on /

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