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The Big Tymers (stylized as Big Tymer$) were an American rap duo energetic from 1997 to 2005 from New Orleans, Louisiana. The Big Tymers contained Cash Money Records co-founder, Baby and previous Cash Money in-house producer, Mannie Fresh. Child later transformed his phase name to Birdman after the duo was liquefied. The Big Tymers launched their launching album in 1998 entitled How You Luv That, and a re-release version of their debut album, How You Luv That Vol. 2 which provided them an abundant amount of promotion later on. They recorded their initial platinum offering album in 2000 labelled I Got That Work. The lead single from I Got That Work, “Number One Stunna” came to a head at No. 24 on the Billboard Hot R&B / Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks. The group launched its most successful album in 2002 titled Hood Rich. The album reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 and generated a major favorite in “Still Fly” which got to No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. Later on in 2002, Mannie Fresh resigned from Cash Money Records due to the fact that of economic conflict with Birdman, and his sibling Slim. The group later reunited once again in 2003 for their final cd titled Big Money Heavyweight. During a look on MTV RapFix, Lil Wayne announced that there will certainly be a Big Tymers album providing Birdman, himself, and Drake. Birdman stated that Mannie Fresh will certainly not be a component of the project.

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