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Chicago-bred rapper who, in current years, has turneded into one of the more famous voices in hip-hop’s brand-new millennium renaissance. Born Lonnie Rashid Lynn in 1972, Common released his very first LP, “Can I Borrow A Dollar?”, under the Common Sense moniker. Tracks like “Charm’s Alarm” and “Breaker 1-9” developed him a lyricist with wit, street-smarts, and passion for extended similes, while tracks like “Heidi Hoe” would certainly discuss the misogynism that would appear sparingly on future work. In 1994, he launched “Resurrection,” remarkable for the smooth, ‘Large Professor’ produced title cut, as well as “I Used To Love H.E.R.”, an ode to hip-hop.


This cd further boosted his underground distributor, while offering the hip-hop country a new strong conscientious voice in a year that was exceptional for underground artists (Nas, Jeru Tha Damaja, Digable Planet, et al.) After a name modification induced by a claim, Common reemerged in 1997 with “One Day It’ll All Make Sense”. With visitors varying from Erykah Badu to Canibus to De La Soul and manufacturing assistance from essentials No I.D. and Dug Infinite, the cd was had a noticeably underground style. His large mainstream advancement album, nonetheless, was yet to follow … After an appearance on The Roots shatter 1999 cd, “Things Fall Apart,” Common transferred to MCA Records. He soon was in the center working together with the Okayplayer collective, and with assistance from the forward-thinking manufacturing performers ‘Soulquarians’ (Ahmir-Khalib Thompson(aka? uestlove), James ‘Jay Dee’ Yancey, James Poyser, et alia) released his fourth album, “Like Water For Chocolate” in the spring of 2000.


With its diverse sonic stage (Afrobeat, funk, and traditional soul), it was much different from previous trips. Yet on the strength of tracks like the ‘DJ Premier’ produced banger “The 6th Sense”, the album was a success, becoming a worthwhile addition to “The Next Movement.” In 2003, Common released “Electric Circus”, which ups the stake also additionally. The album, a hip-hop/funk/soul / rock/psychedelia hybrid, polarizes hip-hop supporters like nothing else album has in current memory. Common has also picked to redefine himself, swearing off the alcoholic beverages, marijuana, and fornication that he had as soon as enjoyed. Now in his very early 30s, Common makes every effort to stay a pertinent voice in an art form that is on life support.

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