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Company Flow is an American underground hip hop group from Brooklyn, New York City at once related to the independent document label Rawkus Records. Rapper/producer El-P and DJ/producer Mr. Len established the group in 1992 in Queens, New York and rapper/producer Bigg Jus later on joined.

El-P had actually undergone a disastrous encounter with a record tag in an attempt at a solo bargain, and established the team after acting as a trainee for an entertainment legal representative. With DJ Mr. Len, Company Flow launched their launching solitary “Juvenile Techniques” in 1993. The follow-up, “8 Steps to Perfection”, and their launching EP, Funcrusher (1996), were underground smash hits. Based on a significant label bidding process battle on Libra documents, Company Flow waited until they can obtain a deal alone terms. They eventually authorized to Rawkus, and helped renew underground rap with labelmates like Mos Def. Their uncut launching album Funcrusher Plus, released in 1997 on Rawkus, is largely recognized as one of the most important and ground-breaking hiphop albums of the late 1990s. After two years of pressing the cd and touring, team participant Bigg Jus made a decision to set out on his very own and the team amicably dissolved. El-P and Mr. Len adhered to up their debut with the critical album Little Johnny From the Hospitul (Rawkus).

By 2000, the relationship with Rawkus had disintegrated. The tag was implicated of ignoring the group’s talent and being deceitful financially. The staff was discharged shortly prior to Christmas, and Company Flow announced their departure from Rawkus soon thereafter. Independently, El-P and Mr. Len ended their very own take care of Rawkus, efficiently severing the relationship in between the 3 and Rawkus. El-P has actually started his very own record label (Definitive Jux) and sought a solo occupation. Mr. Len has done the same with his (Dummy Smacks Records). Bigg Jus has launched work with Big Dada and Mush Records.

Bigg Jus mentioned in 2006 that he is presently working with product for a brand-new Company Flow cd, suggesting the probability of the team re-forming. Business Flow met again for a program on October 19, 2021 in Brooklyn, New York City in addition to a show on July 16, 2011, and supported Portishead at the inaugural British ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ festival in July 23, 2011.

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