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Playaz Circle Biography:

The duo was formed in 1997 by two childhood friends Tity Boi (Tauheed Epps) and Dolla Boy (Earl Conyers) in College Park, GA. They created the acronym Playaz which stands for Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A-Z. The duo put all their money together to release their independent album United We Stand, United We Fall. The album had features from Lil Fate, I-20 and others from the Disturbing tha Peace family. They were introduced to Ludacris by Lil Fate and soon became good friends as they all shared the same dream. Tity Boi (Tauheed Epps) played basketball at ASU (Alabama State University) in Montgomery, Alabama.

Unfortunately, Playaz Circle ran into bad luck. Tity Boi was shot and Dolla Boy incarcerated. Their career was at a standstill. After hearing their misfortune, Ludacris reached out and then signed them. They have also been in a commercial with Ludacris for the “Two Miles an Hour” video.

Their highly-anticipated debut album Supply & Demand was released on October 30, 2007, and featured the hit singles “Duffle Bag Boy” with Lil’ Wayne, “Betta Knock” and “U Can Believe It” with Ludacris. Tity Boi has recently appeared on Nicole Wray’s single “I Like It”. On July 30, 2009, the duo have released their video to “Look What I Got” from Ludacris’ mixtape “The Preview” which was thought to be a single from their album, Flight 360: The Takeoff.


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