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Roscoe Umali Biography:

In his younger years, Roscoe began his journey into the realm of emceeing by shaking party crowds and introducing his high energy style to the club circuit throughout Southern California. As he continued to perfect his craft, his scope and exposure broadened throughout the world while battling some of the best MCs in his hometown of Los Angeles all the way to places such as London, Spain, and Korea. Undeniably, his highly anticipated upcoming release, “Homegrown Emcee”, brings together the holy trinity of the art of Emceeing by combining heat seeking battle verses, crowd moving club bangers, and a new fondness for the art of storytelling.

To the delight of his fans, it is Roscoe’s storytelling qualities that truly shine on this full length album. On songs such as “Rhymestate” and “Keep Grinding,” the “Freshest Filipino” breaks through with elaborate verses of his life experiences not shown in party scenes and rap battle grounds and is a representation of his full evolution as a complete MC. In “Homegrown Emcee,” Roscoe Umali delivers much needed food for thought for the starved fans of hip-hop’s current diluted state. Throughout his journey, Roscoe supports his family and graduates at the top of his class from UCLA, arming his rhymes and creating a lethal combination of knowledge from the streets and much more.

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