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Born Todd Anthony Shaw in 1966, entertainer Too Short has been a famous MC representing East Oakland and the hyphy movement for decades. The influence of dozens of famous rappers, Too Short has been releasing music since 1985. Innovative for his simple use of only using drumbeats, he released three albums of pure lyricism beginning with Don’t Stop Rappin’.

Book Too Short, who has collaborated with Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., and Scarface. After retirement in the mid 90s, Too Short had released eleven successful albums. In 1999 Too Short was resurrected with a vengeance when he made music with Lil Jon in his album Can’t Stay Away. Too Short was fully immersed in the Southern Rap genre in his next few albums, a big change from his Oakland origins.

His next set of albums included You Nasty, Chase the Cat, What’s My Favorite Word, and Married To the Game. They all reached the top 71 of the Billboard Top 200. Despite a change in style, Too Short still kept his original tone and message. This includes an urging to stop drug use and not be a gangster. Too Short is definitely not an average rapper.

Book Too Short, who shifted back into an Oakland, hyphy vibe with the release of super-hit “Blow the Whistle.” The album, named after the hit, peaked at number fourteen on the Billboard Top 100 list. Too Short was recently honored b VH1’s “Hip-Hop Honors.” If you are interested in booking Too Short for your next concert, private party, or corporate event, please fill out the form below.

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