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Katrina Laverne Taylor, better known by her stage name Trina, is an American rapper from Miami, Florida. Trina is of African American & Dominican Decent. Growing up, she lived in both the Liberty City housing projects in Miami and upper-class Pembroke Isle. She graduated from Miami Northwestern High School, where she had been a majorette; after high school she worked office jobs at AT&T and United Parcel Service and studied real estate sales.

The next two years she spent time with Missy Elliott developing her second album. On August 27, 2021 Trina released her second album Diamond Princess in USA. The album spawned three singles, including “No Panties”, which became Trina’s first release outside of the U.S. and the smash hit song, “B R Right” featuring Ludacris. Her third studio album titled Glamorest Life was released October 4, 2005, it charted at # 11 on the Billboard Albums. The album featured her highest charting single to date, “Here We Go” featuring Kelly Rowland. It also became her first single to chart outside of America. Glamorest Life sold more than 400,000 units in the U.S. according to Soundscan totals. In 2007, Trina released two mixtapes. Rockstarr Royalty was released in the spring of 2007 and the Baddest Chick 2: Reloaded was released in the fall.
In 2008, Trina created the Miami-based female rap duo, Pretty Money, with members Nisha and An-G. The group was to be featured on Trina’s fifth studio album, but this never came about. The duo has yet to release any music. Following the creation of the group, Trina began work on her fifth studio album in 2009.

The lead single from her fifth studio album, “That’s My Attitude”, was released in October of 2009 but failed to chart. Because of this, the song was dubbed a buzz single. A mixtape, Amazin’ (The Mixtape), was released in November of 2009 in promotion of her fifth studio album. Another mixtape, The Definition Of A Million Dollar Girl, was released in January of 2010 following the release of her fifth studio album’s lead single. Nude pictures of Trina leaked in February of 2010, and Trina appeared on The Mo’Nique Show in March of 2010 to address the leaking of the pictures.

Trina Booking Agent

Trina’s fifth studio album, Amazin’, was released on May 4, 2010. Because of this album, Trina is only the second female rapper to release a fifth studio album (the other being Missy Elliot). Amazin’ debuted at number thirteen on the Billboard 200, number four on the Top R&B / Hip-Hop Albums chart, number two on the Top Rap Albums chart and # 1 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart. The album sold 34,000 records in its first week and has gone on to sell 200,000 records since its release. Despite its low sales, the album received near positive reviews from critics.

The album was preceded by the offical lead single, “Million Dollar Girl”, featuring Diddy and Keri Hilson, in January of 2010. The single was mildly successful, as it reached number sixty-one on the Hot R&B / Hip-Hop Songs chart and number twenty on the Rap Songs chart. A second single, “White Girl”, featuring Flo Rida and Git Fresh, was released in June of 2010 but failed to chart. “My Bitches” was going to be released as the album’s third single in July of 2010 but its release was canceled. The album’s third official single, “Always”, featuring Monica, was released in August of 2010 and has reached number fourty-two on the Hot R&B / Hip-Hop Songs chart, but has failed to chart otherwise. The fourth single will be “I Want It All”, also featuring Monica, and will be released in October or November of 2010.

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