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​​​​Al Stewart 
Invigorating,Fun,Dangerous, Innovative, player shit lol These are words that describe the sound of a merging artist on the music radar. As King of the Las Vegas Nightlife, Al Stewart, also known as Mr. VIP, provides the ultimate vacation experience for all walks of life. Who better to come up with an anthem for partygoers than someone who actually lives that lifestyle? With his latest single, She Go he is blazing the club scene and magnifying his reality. His sound is a fusion of  hip hop, rock and R&B What started this phenomenon and love for hip hop music was the rap duo Kriss Kross. Over the course of 16 years Al has played drums, written all of his songs, and sang with an R&B singing group. After he lost his voice at 13, he wrote lyrics to beats. Moving around as a child from Oakland, LA, NY, Virginia and Vegas, Al heard different sounds. He grabbed a piece of his style from everywhere. His migration taught him how to deal with an assortment of people. Like a chameleon, he can adapt to any environment.  He was no stranger to hardship; he was born homeless. Due to a strained relationship with his mother, he left home when he was 15. He was homeless yet again.  Hopping on a Greyhound, he headed back to Oakland, CA and was homeless still, after a record deal went wrong. Going from a youth shelter to Job Corp made him grow up and learn responsibility.


He soon realized that nobody owed him anything. His single at the time, “Top Notch”, was playing on the radio, but no one even knew it was him. The most valuable lesson he learned was to never put his career in anyone else’s hand. Tupac, Biggie, JayZ, Scarface, Bone-Thugs-Harmony are just a few of the greats that come to mind for most people. Al can identify with them simply because they paint a vivid image. TI’s street intelligence, Rick Ross’s boss mentality and P.Diddy’s business savvy are also inspiration to Al as each of them possess qualities that mirror his own. He is also inspired by R&B artists such as Jamie Foxx, Neyo, and Usher When it comes to collaborations, the ultimate combination would be producer DJ Quik or Jermaine Dupree ft Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean,TGT for the hook and of course Al Stewart.

If a career in music was an impossible goal, Al , AKA Mr. VIP, would still be a successful entrepreneur and franchise owner of some popular eateries such as Subway or McDonald’s And would be involved heavily into real estate which he still plans to do. Since his future is so bright, that option will not be necessary. To achieve his goals, he says, “Drive your own car. You can only feel whats going on when you are behind the wheel. Keep your eyes on the road.”  Making music that brings people together with a positive vibe is his ultimate goal. He wants his audience to get a great feeling and throw their hands in the air and party and also know that he means every word. He makes music for EVERYONE. Theres a story that is being told in each and everyone of my songs that someone can relate to. It’s  all about diversity. He wants people to say, “This guy is serious. He was meant to do this.”




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