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One of the emerging solo artists is Los Angeles rapper Bad Lucc, who has been making a name for himself in the LA scene for quite some time and is looking to get some national recognition. The rapper, known in some circles as “The Writer,” has big plans for himself and the future of his burgeoning career. “When the world gets a whiff of what we got going on, crowns will be handed out. I will step up and I will take on that role. I’m just getting ready for it, and it’s confidence, not cockiness. I just feel good, I’m living life and I’m loving life,” Lucc says excitedly on what he has in store.

“At this point in my life, I’m just giving it my all and pushing my passion to the max. I think they’re ready for me and what I have to say about my views on how I see life, how I see people, how I see family and friends. I’m giving them a movie. Not the cliché, fake dude acting like he’s balling at the club movie, I’m talking about a real cinematic viewing of music,” Lucc states when asked about why it’s his time.

After a few label situations in the past Lucc, was able to make his way to his current home at Diamond Label, and the move seems to have been the best one for him. “Me being in this Diamond Lane thing is just pushing it to the max and showing the world what that is and what we are about. My songs really embody that,” he says of his label home. “It’s about who we are, what we are about, what we do, that real LA lifestyle. I just can’t wait for people to see that. We’re going to show you that visually. We’re going to show you that lifestyle, and people are going to fall in love with it.”


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