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The Finatticz, a hip-hop rap group straight outta the eastside of Los Angeles, CA.. Formed back in 2009.. The Finatticz represent that original west coast gangster style rap, with a new school swag and flavor. Exhibited through their fashion, and live show performance..The Finatticz is all about making Party music that the streets respect,without watering down the hood. The finatticz are all about the business from tattoo parlors, to after hour functions. The Finatticz are well known on the LA undergroud. With Hip-Hop rapidly changing the Finatticz represent the formula that Hip-Hop has been missing. The Rap game is thirsty for LA Based Gangster Rap, and the Finatticz is glad to take the leading role.

Killa F

Killa was raised on the notorious Killa FEastside of South Los Angeles. As early as age 10 KILLA discovered his ability to describe the world around him through rapping. Propelled by artists such as Snoop Dogg, Biggie, 2Pac and Nas, KILLA honed his skills from elementary through high school.

His intensity and dedication did not go unnoticed. KILLA was so determined to record his rhymes that he petitioned for the music department at his alma mater (LA’s historic George Washington Preparatory High School) to build a recording studio where he could produce and record. Ultimately, a studio was built and KILLA’s recording history began.

As music and fashion trends evolved from traditional rap and baggy jeans, in the 90s to pop fused rap and skinny jeans, in the new millennium, KILLA music evolved as well. Tracks like “I’m Giggin” and “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun!” embody the party music that drives the Los Angeles based “jerk movement” (for lack of a better word) which has inspired a few of KILLA most recent recordings, but at the end of the day KILLA is a top-notch MC and his bars(lyrics) are amazing.

Jayarah The Truth

Jayarah was born at JayarahMartin Luther King Hospital in Watts, CA. At the age of five Tyrone discovered his passion for music. During these early days he could be found beating on objects, putting words together and formulating rhymes. JAYARAH grew up watching Tupac, Biggie, and Big L. These legends inspired him to pursue his passion for rapping.

While growing JAYARAH was bounced from foster home to foster home with nowhere to turn. Without his mom and little guidance from his dad, music was his way out. Music enlightened JAYARAH with a new character, enabling him to complete high school, earning a diploma. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and doesn’t plan to. In recent years he has worked with artists such as Gorilla Black, Hot Dolla, Rejectz, and Redd. Currently, his focus is on writing music and promoting albums for THE FINATTICZ.


Nyce grew up in Los Angeles and Nyceattended Crenshaw Sr. High where he became a starting basketball player during his sophomore year.

NYCE’s life changed forever when a tragic event ruined his hopes of becoming a professional basketball player. But NYCE bounced back, this time with a microphone. NYCE began to compete on the microphone and defeated rappers at MC battles throughout Southern California. He quickly developed a reputation for his freestyle skills and was feared on the mic. As completion grew scarce he focused on recordings.

NYCE taught himself to count bars, write choruses, and eventually how to make a record. He credits his uncle Shafiq Husayn (one third of the hip-hop group Sa-Ra) as an influence who helped him improve his ability to write music.

Ez The Great

EZ is a rap artist born Ez the Greatat Charity Hospital in New Orleans. At the age of six he moved to Los Angeles. EZ discovered the ability to write lyrics at the age of 13, but surprisingly lost interest and chased the girls. After some growing up, EZ hopped back on the microphone at age of 17, rediscovering his skill. It wasn’t long before EZ began pursuing music as a career, but he still has a way with the ladies.

EZ credits pioneers such as Busta Rymes, KRS-One, Missy Eliot, Notorious B.I.G, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, E-40and Mc Lyte, and thanks them for being a great influence on his music. EZ has worked with various artists and producers such as Pink Dollarz, AV, J-Nari, Cold Flames, Bad Gurls, Envy, Tasha Cooper of Inception Productions, and the Rejectz. EZ is well-known as one of the most charismatic and fashionable members of THE FINATTICZ. His live show is bananas and he controls the crowd like a Old School MC.

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