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At the ripe age of 19, Wiz Khalifa distinguished himself as Pittsburgh’s most noteworthy rapper. Born Cameron Thomaz in 1987, the rap star moved from various countries and states, as both his parents served in the military. Faced with unique experiences, Wiz Khalifa used his talents with wordplay and wit.

Rolling Stone Magazine first saw the potential in Wiz Khalifa in the mainstream, as the music expert dubbed him an “Artist to Watch” in 2006. Shortly after, he began to make a name for himself as unique and lyrically talented in the hip-hop and rap community. While still in high school, Wiz Khalifa began to get attention not only from local Pittsburgh producers, but famed artists and music moguls across the country.

Book Wiz Khalifa for a rare blend of rap, hip-hop and dance. His first major-label single, “Young ‘n on His Grind” was released followed by international hit “Say Yeah,” which was rare for its combination of euro-dance beats and Wiz Khalifa’s signature lyrical ability. Book Wiz Khalifa, who continued to grow in fame from multiple released Mixtapes.

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In 2010, Wiz Khalifa exploded with a sold-out 50-city tour. His latest and most notorious single, “Black and Yellow” is in honor of Pittsburgh, the city that he proudly represents. Book Wiz Khalifa, the rising young rapper with mainstream success and underground appeal. If you are interested in booking Wiz Khalifa for your next concert, private party, or corporate event, please fill out the form below.

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